"Engage" Acrylic Paintings by Colorado Artist Mary Arneson

I was invited by the Denver Hospice to participate in "The Mask Project" which benefits the hospice in their care of cancer patients. The 3D mask is ceramic and I asked my hubby to router out a cavity in a piece of wood to set the mask in....then I came up with the following piece. Hope you like it...

“ENGAGE” ~ This painted mask is a tribute to all who have had to reach deep within and bring forth their inner beast to “Engage” in a fight against cancer. As a cancer survivor, I understand the ups and downs, the uncertainty, the whirlwind of emotions, and the battle. The strength I found within surprised and amazed me. If anyone you know is in a battle with cancer, encourage them to unleash their inner beast and “Engage”. 

Email me for more information on this painting at: marysbrush@aol.com

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