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The Pomeranian Pack is always up so something! Check in often for trials, tribulations, antics, and smiles.

The Trials.....

When a little fur kid is sick or injured it can be a very frightening proposition.  They can't tell us how they feel, or where they hurt, or what they think they need....all they can do is look at us with eyes that plead for help.  We were in that situation earlier this month.  Chynna swallowed a piece of rubber about the size of a quarter. We have no idea where she got hold of it or how she even got it down her throat.  At a whopping 4 pounds, she isn't exactly a hefty size....in fact she is quite dainty and prissy.  Anyway, long story short, she ended up having surgery to remove the invasive piece of rubber that was literally killing her!  Boy are we ever Blessed to have a wonderful emergency hospital with top notch doctors and staff.....Oh yeah, I baked dozens and dozens of cookies for all those folks just to try and tell them how much their excellent care and caring meant to us.

So here we are with our little pack of Poms intact.  Chynna has many shaved places on her little body that make her look funny, but her stitches are out, she is running around like nothing happened and her appetite is back to being healthy.  Us???  Well, we're grateful to the hospital staff and God and are going to have to put some things on the back burner in order to get her hospital bill paid off.....sigh.....

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  1. Mary, met you earlier this month in Office Depot. You gave me your card and a referral to Vistaprint for printing Christmas cards. Love your artwork!!! I dabble a bit myself, but have not set up a website yet. Poms are so cute - glad Chynna is ok. My black pom, Kembo, rules our house. Will check your site again this winter when I have more time. Thanks again for the info.