Mary ~ The Person, The Artist

Being a self-taught artist has its challenges... and that is what makes the learning and growing experience so much fun and rewarding. I began painting in December 2005 after a life altering incident. I very quickly fell in love with the feel of the paint as it glides across the smooth glass surface. It didn't take long before I just knew I had to try and sell my pieces and create a web site. That is when my company,, was born. I am fortunate to have been successful with my paintings on glass and have customers on both coasts, in Canada, and Great Britain. 

The next phase of my painting began in 2009 when I started painting on watercolor paper, wood, and artist canvas. I became a member of Daily Painters of Colorado Blog and that opened new doors for me. One of them was to advertise in Southwest Art magazine and American Art Collector magazines. Through these magazines I have made many contacts with fellow artists and interested buyers and collectors. My pieces have also been shown through a juried exhibition at a Denver Gallery and an exhibition in a New York City Gallery. In addition to the magazines and art exhibitions, I became one of the online Studio Artists with Arizona's Xanadu Gallery.

There are times when I wish I had discovered the joy of painting at a much younger age, but my motto has become the proverbial "Better Late, Then Never"!! I don't know what the future has in store for me as an artist, but whatever it is I plan on making it as much fun as possible. So as I continue on this path of creativity, I hope my pieces evoke some special feelings or emotions within you. When you view my pieces it is like you are sharing a part of this journey with me.