High Above Denver....

High above Denver sits a wonderful home on Squaw Mountain. The 240 degree views are breathtaking and the wild life is abundant. This home boasts of a fabulous art studio, a cozy atmosphere, two wonderful dogs, and the Best people you'd ever want to meet! This slice of heaven is owned by artists John and Wrenn Boulton.

This past weekend the Boulton's hosted a wonderful two-day workshop taught by Aurora, Colorado artist Carol Nelson. We were exposed to thinking and creating paintings outside the box with things such as torched foil paper, painted and ironed tyvek paper, bits of lace, different colored sand, and painted aluminum foil. And these items were just to name a few!!

A wonderfully cohesive group of women from near and far gathered to experience and learn the many techniques Carol had up her sleeve. Carol's enthusiasm, experience, and love of art was contagious and everyone had a great time during this learning process.

We were also treated to delicious baked goodies in the mornings and wonderful lunches brought to us by Wrenn's sister Jeannie. Then at the end of each day we gathered to sip a glass of wine and talk about what we learned and share our thoughts for the day.

This is the most wonderful workshop I have ever attended. If you ever have the chance to be in one of Carol's workshops, sign up immediately....you will love it. AND, if you ever have the opportunity to visit John and Wrenn's wonderful home and studio, do it....you'll be inspired and motivated.

Oh, and don't even think about moving in with them to cook and clean for the privilege of living there....that spot is already taken.... by ME!!

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  1. What a beautiful couple of pictures. I so love to see deer. Looks like you had the most wonderful of times. Sure wish I could have been there with you. Sounds like a beneficial workshop.